How would a birthday club change your business?

Imagine if just 3 new birthday customers visited your business per day, and
brought $20 in added business with them. What would that do for your business?
You'd have $1,500 per month (or $18,000 per year) in new revenue as a result.

Start your very own completely-hands-free birthday club... Get Started Now!



 The example above reveals the secret to quickly growing 
 a highly responsive customer list with minimal effort. 

And combining offers with your "Hands-Free Birthday Club" becomes extremely effective because text messaging is a unique convergence of personal, direct, and mass marketing.

Personalize and send your messages on a specific day and time. (ie. Send your message on your customer's birthday).
Your personalized message is delivered directly to your customer's cell phone and no one else.
Your message can be sent to everyone because texting is the most widely used communication method in the world... more than a phone call or an email. Imagine that!

Is it cost-effective? Let's do a side-by-side comparison:

A. Media → Mailer Text
B. Circulation / Distribution 45,000 1,500
C. Cost of media $600.00 $150.00
D. Cost to reach prospect (C÷B) 1.33¢ 10.00¢
E. Responses 125 125
F. Cost per Response (C÷E) $4.80 $1.20
G. Response Rate (E÷B) 0.28% 8.33%
H. Which gets better results? - 30.00 x Better
I. Target Market Suspects Customers

Let's take a closer look at these two options:

Option 1: Mass Mailer

In this case, the mass mailer is “marriage” mail - something similar to Valpak or Money Mailer. Depending on the location in the country, you can reach 45,000 for about $600.00. In other words, the cost to reach each house is about 1.3¢ each.

Let's say you send a Valpak coupon and 125 responded - a 0.28% response or one quarter of one percent. Not bad, actually for a mass mailer that's not specifically targeted to a particular segment or group. (By the way, the response of any media, of course, depends on your offer and the media. There is no "standard" response rate... there's just historical data that might help you make an educated guess.)

To get 125 people to respond, it cost $4.80 per response ($600.00/125=$4.80). Most of the people who respond are suspects. And most of the people were not expecting or "opting-in" to receive Valpak. And to many people, any kind of unsolicited mail is considered junk mail.

Option 2: Text Messaging

In this example, you texted 1,500 people who joined your birthday club. I realize that 1,500 is far less than 45,000 but do the math and imagine what would happen if you could text a larger number of people.

All 1,500 people opted-in or in other words, each of them specifically asked to receive messages and offers from your company. I'm sure you can do better than an 8.33% response rate because I've seen it first hand... but for the sake of argument, let's just say that 125 out of 1,500 responded. Look at the numbers compared to sending out a mass mailer:

  • Cost per response is about 75% LESS when you text.
  • Your response rate is at least 30 TIMES HIGHER.
  • You don't need a MASSIVE LIST to be successful.
  • There's no "wasted" media.
  • Your customers are happier. No SPAMMY Advertising.

Bottom line:

Costs are lower and responses are higher when you have
a list of customers who want to receive your message... and our
Completely “Hands-Free” Birthday System makes ALL the difference
in getting those individuals on your own list with consistency.



Your guests, not you or your employees, enter their information into the birthday club. Easy!


Your guests receive a text on their birthday inviting them into your restaurant for your offer.


{{--Your out-of-pocket costs start at just $49.00 per month.--}} Our “hands-free” birthday club is always included with your subscription.

100% Opt-in.

Your guests, not you, choose to join the club. How many other advertising mediums are 100% opt in. None!


You hand every guest a sign up card and they enter their information. You don't have to do any work.


Your guests just text BDAY to your text line (in your area code) and we prompt them via text what to do next.


  • You will stay close to and in front of your most valuable asset: your customers.
  • A happy customer is your most effective form of advertising.
  • It's cheaper to keep a customer than attract new business.
  • Everyone likes to receive a free gift on their birthday. Who doesn't like a gift?
  • The greater your offer, the higher your return. We recommend you give away a free birthday meal. You can give away only a dessert or drink, but we recommend an entire meal.
  • Most of your guests come to your restaurant with more than one other paying guest. How many guests celebrate their birthday alone? Not many!
  • Everyone has a cell phone and almost everyone texts. Your guests look at texts almost immediately.
  • Chances are your competitors probably don't have this kind of loyalty program.


  • Money-Back Guarantee. Sign up and if you're not happy within 30 days, just tell us and we'll give you your money back.
  • Live Training & Support. We'll show your staff how easy it is to do. Remember: your staff does nothing except encourage your guests to join. Your guests enter in their own data directly from their phone. Plus, if you have any problems, just give us a call. We are here to support you.
  • Free marketing advice. We'll give you our direct call-in line so you can ask us how to be effective with your messages.
  • Easy tracking. Your dashboard will provide you with real-time history and stats so you know how many people sign up and how many texts have sent.
  • In-Store Advertising. These are optional, but remember you're not limited to the words that come out of your employees mouths. We can create business cards, signs, table top displays, t-shirts, banners... You name it, we can create an eye-catching way to get your customers to join your birthday list.

Monthly Subscription Plans & Pricing

EXAMPLE SIGN UP CARD — Get 1,000 cards for just $25 — Call us for details.

Give this card (with your info) to EVERY guest who visits your restaurant


Join our FREE Birthday Club!

Every year, on your birthday, we will send
you a free meal. Everyone can join. All you
need is your cell phone. It's our way of saying
thank you for being our valued customer.



How to get your free birthday meal...

Step 1: Text BDAY to 801-701-8600.
Step 2: Follow the simple instructions.
Step 3: You'll receive a text on your birthday.

Your birthday text is good for one free meal. Show us the text and enjoy your free meal. Happy birthday in advance!

Do you own a restaurant or small business?
Text YES to 801-701-8600 or, call 801-701-8600 ext. 101
and we'll help you start your own birthday club today.


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