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5-Star Reviews.

The process of getting 5-star reviews online has never been as powerful. Simply schedule a “Thankutext” that asks your customers to rate their experience with your business. Customers who experienced a “referrable” experience will be invited to leave an online review while those with a less than desirable experience will be sent to our internal feedback loop instead.

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Feedback Loop.

Our quality control “Feedback Loop” is the ultimate tool for improving products and services in your business. Customers receive a text message with a web link to a rich form interaction on their phone where they rate their experience with your product or service and provide immediate feedback on how you can improve. Now you can resolve problems BEFORE customers with a negative experience tell the world.

Two-way Communication.

Speed up the sales cycle with your customers by answering questions with a text message. Things like item availability, stock levels and lead times can be answered on the spot to enable the sale.

Reduced Spending.

Using text messages allows you to cut your advertising spend and give your customers a higher level of service. A simple text reminder is multiples of times cheaper than traditional advertising... and coupled with an ice cold lemonade in the summer, or a hot chocolate during the winter, you just might get better results as well.

Pre-written Messages.

Elminate errors and simplify things for your employees with well thought out “canned” messages. With these shortcut messages, you can send professionally written messages in seconds that get exactly the response that you desire.

Hands-free Birthday Club!

Birthdays are some of the most meaningful days for people. Why not give them something really great on their important day? Our system is a “set-it and forget-it” solution that runs your entire birthday club on auto-pilot so you can stay focused on running your business!

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Appointment Reminders.

Reduce your “No-Show” Rate and increase profits. People just need a little nudge so they don't forget. They want convenience of a text without the interruption of a phone call.

Other Reminders.

Sending a simple text can be more helpful than you might think. Whether it's a dentist appointment or scheduled maintenance... a simple reminder will always be appreciated.

Hang up the phone.

The secret to happy customers is giving them what they want. It's a proven fact now that customers want you to hang up the phone and send them a text.

Thank your customers!

A simple “Thank You” goes a long way. Our automated system will do the heavy lifting for you to make sure they know you care.

Digital Punch Card.

Handing out multiple punch cards because your customers keep forgetting them? Eliminate that right off the bat and multiply customer engagement with the Rewards Program everyone is copying.

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