Client Testimonials

Positive Reviews by tomorrow...

We started using Thankutext and our Google ratings went up right off the bat! We're getting two or three 5-star ratings every single week. I consider this to be even better than advertising. We have people coming in off our ratings more than anything else.
Watch Video — Raul @ Tire Pros

It's a softer approach...

We've been able to help our customers get their payroll numbers submitted in a more timely and effective way. We can send a quick message that gets even better results than a phone call. It's a no brainer.
Chris Clifford @ Alliance Resource Services

Now I know what they're feeling...

In my opinion, it's all about listening! Thankutext has allowed us to engage with our customers in a way that we would never have imagined, and it's paying huge dividends.
Financial Consultant

My customers didnt' even realize...

When you can send a short message and people come in to the store saying, “I didn't know I was supposed to rotate my tires”... That's music to my ears.
Big O Tires

Instant results right out of the gate...

Our business has been static for years, and now we're experiencing increased sales... it's a direct result of using Thankutext.
Tire Store Owner

Our most effective method...

I can't think of a more effective way to connect with customers. Thankutext helps us deliver contextual messages that resonate with our prospects every time.
Peter Brooks @ Brooks Advertising

Instant feedback and Google reviews...

Being able to get feedback right after a coupon gets redeemed has allowed us to fix problems and “make things right”. We've been able to grow positive reviews from 9 to over 50 in just a few months, and that means a lot because it gets people in the door when they search for a restaurant on Google.
Italian Restaurant Owner

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